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Essay Writing

Essay Writing tips

Most students will have to write essays throughout the course of their degree or school course. These can be shorter discursive essays or longer specialised pieces of work, like dissertations and theses. As with all student work, there is no one size fits all approach to writing an essay, especially as there a huge difference in the different types you may be asked to write, however there are some useful tips you can employ to make essay writing easier.

How should you approach essay writing?

Taking time to properly plan out an essay can lead to higher grades, as a logically structured argument can often be better expressed than a more haphazard approach. But, knowing where to begin can often be a daunting task, especially when approaching a topic which is relatively new to you or if it is your first time writing at an undergraduate level. Mastering essay writing early on in your degree will put you in good stead when it comes to coursework essays or essays you may write in your formal exams.

Address the topic - Making sure you fully understand the question you are being asked and detail and depth needed from your response is the first step to writing any essay. Breaking up the title is a good first step to comprehending precisely what is being asked and the response that is expected from you. Consider what is significant about the question and its topic and the knowledge you need to find out in order to address the question.

Plan your research and then your essay - Planning the different steps of your essay is extremely important as it can help you work through your argument and present it in the most logical and well thought-out way. You can often express arguments more clearly in fewer words when you plan the direction you want to take in advance.

Evaluate your work - Going back through your essay after you’ve written may seem daunting but is important to evaluating the strength of your argument. Ensuring your thesis or argument is clear and well-set out will help you achieve the highest marks. Similarly, you want to make sure you have backed up your points with sufficient examples and that your argument is cohesive.

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How should you approach essay writing?

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