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Real Estate Financials

What is Real Estate?

Real Estate is property composed of land, buildings and its natural resources; where the natural resources can be comprised to uncultivated flora and fauna, crops, livestock, water and minerals that originate from the land.

However, Real Estate expands further than just the residential market.

It is comprised of three broad categories which can be residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

These are explained as such:

  • Residential: a residential real estate property can contain a single family or multifamily structure, that is to be occupied for purely non-business purposes. This would translate to i.e condominiums, detached houses, and undeveloped land.

  • Commercial: a commercial real estate property is bought or leased for business purposes. They range from office buildings, warehouses and retail store buildings. These tend to be higher in cost given their basis on profitability per square meter as well as the higher down payments needed for the taking out of mortgages.

  • Industrial: industrial real estate property is the one used for production, which in this case would be factories, mines or farms.

Is There a Profitable Real Estate Investment Model?

However, Real Estate can be a form of an investment.

In this case, real estate investing is the purchase, ownership, management and/or sale of real estate for profit oriented purposes, where real estate is ultimately an asset that has value as well as limited liquidity.

With that, it is an asset of variating value that is greatly affected by the conditions of the area in which it is in. Conditions can be those affecting the attractiveness of the property itself, which can range from employability, crime rates, school quality and taxes.

When real estate is purchased, the investor can earn profits or suffer loses in two ways. He/she can get revenue from rent and have its value appreciate, where appreciation occurs from the development of raw land or the appreciation of the area around the land you own. On the other hand, the opposite can occur and the investor will suffer from negative rent revenues and have the property’s value depreciate.

For this reason, there are multiple Real Estate models that touch on different aspects of real estate that aim to answer many questions. These can range from the analysis of a real estate investment, converters of lease to debt, calculators for mortgage repayments, returns and many more.

Where can I find Real Estate Development Models in Excel?

To facilitate your search for real estate development financial models in Excel, the Eloquens catalog has got a stack of real estate financial models created by professionals and firms, that serve a broad variety of purposes in the industry.

If you wish to ask any questions about such Real Estate Excel financial models, feel free to start a discussion on the respective real estate financial model page to have your questions answered by authors themselves.

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