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Financial Planning Models

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is for businesses, families, and individuals so they can manage and organize their finances to reach the goals and lifestyles that they desire. It enables greater control over income, costs, investments, and savings via a step-by-step plan.

The financial planning process is often broken down into six steps:

1) Determine your current financial situation.

2) Identify financial goals.

3) Develop various action plans.

4) Evaluate all the alternatives.

5) Create a financial plan and implement it.

6) Evaluate and revise the plan.

What are some benefits of financial planning?

-Help you to improve your savings by tracking your income expenses and cut down unnecessary costs.

-Achieve a better standard of living in the long run as any monthly bills or expenses are dealt with, emergencies can be covered, and even treats or investments can be made more easily as you start to reach your financial goals.

-Enables you to be prepared for emergencies by ensuring you have sufficient funds and savings for any unexpected expenses.

-Have peace of mind as all bases are covered and you are in control of your finances.

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