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Strategic Futures Analysis

More of the same is not an option for business in 2020.

The 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) is accelerating innovations and inventions and there are many incredible and direct impacts on the quality of human life and consequently reason to feel optimistic about the future.

However, on the other side of the same coin sits disruption and uncertainty that any change brings with it. Rapid change simply acts to magnify these uncertainties.

Under this scenario, the ability to re-imagine strategy and include sustainable and preferable futures for our businesses is an imperative. Hiring or using future discovery or foresight skill-sets to contribute to strategy reimagining processes is vital. Not just strategy review - that may not be enough - as we move toward some critical tipping points in global technology, social, economic and political trends. Moving forward we must understand our sustainable and preferred strategic options and their impact on what we do today - to ensure we get to a desirable tomorrow.

There is a scientific discipline and approach to preparing for the future. These are known as ‘future discovery’ and related ‘discovery methodologies’ - which uncover many possible futures. The discovery process includes tools to then bifurcate these through plausible, probable and finally into preferred sustainable futures.

“Most of us find uncertainty uncomfortable, so we are reluctant to confront it.” Amy Web - Future Today Institute

“Understanding potential scenarios helps individuals and organizations prepare with flexibility”. Wikipedia - Futures Studies

“The premise of foresight work is to create an opportunity to consider what futures we want, and to take steps toward increasing the likelihood of a preferred future”. Amy Greyson - Open Research

Description credit - Dick King

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