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Coaching Techniques & Strategies

• Coaching is when one focuses on the future goal and uses learnings from their past experiences. Coaching emphasizes how something is done instead of what is done. Coaches try to help an individual reach their full potential and maximize their performance. This is an important strategy for employers. Through the process of coaching, the individual should be able to find the answers on their own with the coach’s advice. Coaches try to resolve problems by looking deeper than the surface and by looking at their personal beliefs, values and behaviors. A coach will try to peel away the layers of the individual to get to the actual core problem. One of the most important parts of coaching is building a relationship. This shows how coaching is done from a holistic approach because by making a close relationship you’re seeing the whole person and all issues that could be there. By creating a relationship, coaching attempts to achieve a long-term goal. Overall, coaching is a way to help someone become a better version of themselves.

• Organizations use coaching as a way to enhance overall performance. When an employee is coached and reaches their potential, this will cause a change in their doing, acting and thinking. One-on-one coaching has become more and more popular when people started to realize the direct benefits it has on their performance and success. Coaches can be extremely helpful to Senior Management or Company Directors who are working in an area that is outside of their comfort zone and knowledge. For Middle Managers and teams, a coach can help them move forward with their career. A coach could be an outsider who understands the organization you are in and can give their knowledge on what works and what does not. Coaching can also help with job stress.

• When coaching, it is important to remember that team members are people and it is not like updating or upgrading a piece of technology. Plus, teaching is a great way for one to grow and learn as well.

• Situations when coaching can be used:

-Motivating Staff

-Developing Individuals

-Resolving Personal Issues

-Building Teams

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