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Outbound Sales|Outbound Sales

What are Outbound Sales?

Outbound sales are the process of approaching prospecting customers or ‘leads’ and delivering a sales pitch on your product or service. The key feature is that the seller is initiating the engagement with leads- the opposite to inbound sales where the customers come to the seller. With outbound sales, sales representatives communicate or ‘push’ the brand, its mission and its product/service onto customers. Often, the potential customers have little to no knowledge of the product or service itself. Thus, outbound sales reps are trained and provided with sales scripts while making their call.

Outbound sales rely heavily on having leads to contact. The more leads there are, the more sales. However, outbound selling has a lot of factors to consider that may impact the sale, like the prospect’s time zone or schedule, their buying capacity, whether they already have the product or not, and language barriers and so on. As a result of this, it is now vital for sellers to acquire more meaningful leads quickly. Leads can be most effectively identified and targeted via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter etc.

Outbound Sales Techniques

-Cold calling- contacting leads who are often unfamiliar and have not expressed interest in the company via a phone call.

-Cold emailing- sales reps reach out to leads via email to try and set up a sales call or demo.

-Email automation- enables sending emails to large groups of people at once, great for scaling up the sale pitches.

Advantages of outbound sales

-Highly-targeted outreach- You reach out to your ideal customers instead of waiting for them to come to you.

-Immediate results and feedback- You find out straight away if your approach is working.

-Personal contact with prospects- You have control over the marketing and selling pace- therefore it’s up to you when to start scaling the process. i.e. Need more sales? Just reach out to more prospects.

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