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Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

A simple explanation of digital transformation would be an integration of digital technology into all areas of a company or entity which consequently leads to big changes in the operations of the business and the way it delivers value to customers. This often means companies will have to revise nearly everything they do, leading to experimentation and perhaps initial failure. The term is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of changes as the transformations that occur will differ from company to company.

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What areas can digital transformation affect?

Here are just some of the areas of a company or entity that a digital transformation could have an effect on:

    • Business activities and functions
    • Business processes
    • Business Ecosystems
    • Business Asset Management
    • Organizational Culture
    • Ecosystem and partnership models
    • Customer, worker and partner approaches

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Why is digital transformation important?

Due to the third industrial revolution of technology and the internet, companies will be left behind, and sometimes struggle to survive, if they are not digitalised. As well as this, the main reasons for undertaking a digital transformation are:

    • To rethink inefficient business processes
    • To collaborate among cross-functional teams for increased innovation
    • To experiment with digital technologies, real-time date and analytics, AI, machine learning and social media
    • To become more versatile to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

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Where can I find digital transformation frameworks?

For companies or entities looking to conduct a digital transformation, the Eloquens catalogue has a variety of frameworks and templates designed and built by professionals. You can also build and self-publish your own frameworks on Eloquens directly.

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