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Study Note-Taking

Why is important to have effective study note taking?

Effective note taking is important for students to manage and understand the information provided during lectures. This could have a huge impact on how assignments are being perceived and improve the quality of exam revision. It is important for you as a student to find a method that suits you and understand why you’re making notes.

The Five R’s of note taking

The five R’s helps you remember the most important points to consider when taking notes during your lectures.

Record: Write all important information you find

Reduce: Write a summary of all the important points, facts and ideas in your notes to highlight the main theory.

Recite: Write all the information in your own words without looking at your notes which would test your understanding of the subject

Reflect: Write down your own opinions and ideas, prepare questions and try doing extra research on the subject, this will improve your classroom discussions skills

Review: take 10 minutes to go over your old notes before reading new material to establish your main points.

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Why is important to have effective study note taking?

The five R’s of note taking

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