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Restaurant Finance

What is a Restaurant Financial Plan?

A Restaurant Financial Plan is a type of evaluation of the current and future finances for a restaurant company. It is an important document which helps to decipher the level of finance that your business needs, whilst also predicting the viability of business operations. When creating a financial plan, it is common to meet with a finance professional in order to calculate tax and assets, among other things.

Why make a financial forecast for a restaurant?

Creating a financial forecast for a restaurant allows you to assess whether or not, and to what extent, your project is likely to be profitable. Analysing every detail of the restaurant enables you to ensure that your plan is financially viable and by listing the required investments for starting a business you will be able to set out the necessary money to get your business off the ground. Moreover, building a financial forecast will indicate what you can expect over the next three years, thus permitting you to plan the development of your business with confidence.

What is important in a Restaurant Financial Plan?

There are a number of key aspects to a Restaurant Financial Plan. It is normal to include:

  • A pro forma profit and loss statement. This is also known as a pro forma income statement and is simply a statement of revenue and expenses that are made by the business.

  • A break-even analysis. This analyses the amount needed to be collected in revenue in order to cover business costs.

  • A capital requirements budget. This is the budget for large or substantial expenses that are to be made. For a restaurant, this could be costs such as purchasing cooking equipment, or restaurant furniture and fixtures.

Within these sections, there are a range of financial predictions and costings that need to be made. This can include:

  • Calculating rental costs, electricity, permits, and licensing;
  • Costing and pricing of the menu;
  • Revenue forecasting, prediction and objectives for the quantity of food and beverages to be sold.

What types of Restaurant Financial Plan Templates are there?

There are a number of useful calculations that can be made to aid the creation and running of a restaurant business:

  • A declining balance sheet, this is a type of document which, when calculated, shows how much can be spent each day, keeping record of expenses. It therefore shows remaining budget.

  • Food Inventory Management sheet. It is essential for a restaurant owner or manager to keep track of their food and beverage stock levels. Using an inventory management sheet is thus an extremely useful tool for doing so.

  • Restaurant Financial Model. This model helps to calculate the viability of a restaurant business, running predicted finance data to give a clearer understanding of the potential figures.

To find out more, please refer to these sites which offer useful information into starting and running a restaurant business:

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