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Business Model Canvas -

What is a business model canvas?

A business model canvas is a strategic management tool used in the development of new business models and documenting existing ones. Business model canvases tend to cover a large range of different elements, collecting these together into one visual chart. These charts help businesses and organizations to align all of their activities with their business model canvas. The business model canvas offers a single, clear reference point as opposed to multiple business models based on different aspects of the business.

What are the features of a business model canvas?

As a single, business model reference point, the business model canvas tries to cover a multitude of areas of your business. This includes:

  • Infrastructure

Within the business model canvas, you can document all the key features of your business’ infrastructure. Detailing the partner network, your key resources and key business activities.

  • Offering

The business model canvas will also allow you to establish what exactly what your business is offering and what it brings to the customer. This value proposition will help you establish your offering, the price, and overall customer experience.

  • Customers

In this section of your model canvas, you can identify which customers you will serve with your offering. This will help you to establish your position as a company, whether you are mass market, niche market, segmented market or a diverse market. As such, this will give you a clear idea of the customers that you will try and target.

  • Finances

Within the business model canvas, you can also establish a clear structure for your business’ finances. This will help you to identify a clear cost structure and revenue streams. This will enable you to get a clear view of where your main costs are going to come, as well as where your business is going to make its money.

As such, the business model canvas offers a comprehensive overview of the whole business model, based on all of the essential areas.

Why is it important?

The business model canvas is a great way of giving an overview to all of your business’ operations and general direction. As such, all staff have a clear idea of the aims and goals of the business, and the key features of the business that will help make these goals achievable.

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