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Dynamic Arrays|Dynamic Arrays

Dynamic arrays are widely considered to be the most revolutionary upgrade to Excel’s software that the program has ever seen. This was because of how it leveled the playing field between Excel master and Excel rookie, as it broke down some of the dense and complicated formulas into 8 simple functions. These allow the users to work with many values simulateously. The change solved some seriously tough problems in Excel, and has changed it is core the way that worksheets are designed and built.

What are the new functions?

Included in this update are 8 new functions that directly make use of dynamic arrays. These are:

FILTER -> Filter data and return matching records

RANDARRAY -> Generate array of random numbers

SEQUENCE -> Generate array of sequential numbers

SORT -> Sort range by column

SORTBY -> Sort range by another range or array

UNIQUE -> Extract unique values from a list or range

XLOOKUP -> Modern replacement for VLOOKUP

XMATCH -> Modern replacement for the MATCH function

What are Dynamics Arrays in more detail?

How do Dynamic Arrays work?

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