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Industry Landscape Analysis

What is an Industry Landscape Analysis?

An Industry Landscape Analysis is a type of competitor analysis that allows firms to make key marketing and strategy decisions with the know-how to back them up. Completing an industry landscape analysis is one of the ways in which businesses can assess their business practices and see where their place within the market is. It allows businesses to see where their competitors fit into the broad picture that is their market.

How can you start making an Industry Landscape Analysis

The first part of the process in creating an Industry Landscape is identifying your competitors. This means doing research into your industry and finding out who your competitors are and what they do.

Once you have found your competitors, it is then necessary to divide them into groups based on what product or service they provide.

The process of creating an industry landscape involves identifying the key businesses in the sector and grouping them based on their characteristics. For instance, within a sector there will be some businesses that are closer competitors than others, where within a market it is likely that you will have direct, indirect and replacement competitors.

hat are the different types of competitors and how do they make up the market?

Direct competitors are the traditional view of competition - those that most people would think of when discussing competition. These are the competitors that sell the same products as your company, and therefore have the ability to potentially take customers away from you if they have more efficient business practices. However, there are also two other types of competition that could also threaten business practice. Firstly, firms in Indirect Competition sell products that are different to one another but nonetheless solve the same problem. Replacement competitors offer a different service, but one that can replace the one that you provide.

Grouping and categorising companies is a necessary process in order to create a truly effective landscape analysis. After assessing if a company is a direct, indirect or replacement competitor to your business, it is necessary to group the businesses in the market into other categories also. For instance, does the company provide a premium product? Or is it that they sell something of a lower price?

To find out how to group for a landscape analysis click here or here.

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