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Strategic Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the actions a business takes to promote its brand so as to attract people to their business. Drawing people to your business is essential for growth however it can be difficult to know how to go about doing so. This is where Strategic Marketing comes in…

What is Strategic Marketing?

Strategic Marketing is the plan which dictates a company’s marketing decisions. It is used in conjunction with a marketing plan. While the marketing plan details specific plans for attracting clients, a marketing strategy acts as a framework which a business adopts and then operates within to guide their marketing effectively. Any marketing strategy will have clear goals and objectives that it aims to reach. With these goals and objectives always in mind, effective marketing decisions are more easily made as the question of whether a decision contributes to reaching these ultimate goals can always be asked. A certain marketing decision may seem wise to take at first glance but then one might find it won’t make any significant contribution to reaching their business’ final goals. Strategic marketing plans are by nature long term. They are the bedrock upon which all other marketing choice are built, and they aim to give a business a long-term competitive advantage so it can grow and generate profit.

Why is strategic marketing so important?

Every business by nature has different advantages and disadvantages. Businesses use strategic marketing to understand these advantages and disadvantages by analysing their competition as well as themselves. The business can then conduct marketing that capitalises on these advantages and strengths with the aim of making their business as competitive as possible. Without Strategic Marketing, the marketing of a business would be far less potent than it could be.

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