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Shipping Financials

What is Shipping?

• Shipping is the course of transporting an item. It is a very prevalent way to transfer goods between people and places. An example of shipping is moving an item from the warehouse to the customer who purchases it. About 90% of things have been in a shipping container. There is no country that is fully self-sufficient so shipping is needed all around the world and it is an industry that is growing. • Container shipping is a method used to move goods overseas. This is the most popular method because it has the most efficient turnaround and a small amount of cargo handling. The tradeoff is that by ocean it can take up to six weeks. In some cases, it could be even longer. But, the most cost-effective method is ground shipping. Ground shipping is also the slowest method of delivery. Air freight is the fastest and most expensive form of shipping. Normally, if the order volume is large then the shipping cost will decline.

Why shipping finance is important

• In business, shipping goods can accumulate costs for a company. It is a challenging concept in business since vendor and seller policies and procedure vary. By using shipping financial models, one can estimate and calculate the impact it will have on your business. Shipping plays a big role in the end quality of a product and will leave a big impression on customers. It is important to know the cost of shipping to properly price your goods and services. Shipping is also important because it is one of the oldest industries and in modern society it still plays a big role due to the increase of e-commerce activity. In the end, if a company or organization does not have a shipping strategy, the business could become unprofitable.

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