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Excel Add-Ins

What is an Excel add in?

An Excel add in is a software that enhances Microsoft Excel by giving it new features. The aim of an Excel add-in is to save you time by helping you avoid errors and do repetitive work automatically that would usually take you hours on your own. Essentially, they complement Excel’s existing functionality.

They are kind of alike apps that you can download for your smartphone. They do tasks that cannot be done by the stand alone Excel program. The add-ins are generally created by third parties, like users or businesses to create a capability that they feel Excel does not fulfil. For someone to successfully build an add-in, they will need to have coding skills and a good eye for UI so that the end product feels like a natural Excel capability. If you manage to find an add-in that possesses both a smooth user interface and the feeling of being a natural part of the program, you can do fantastic things within Excel.

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