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Job Search

What is a Job Search?

A job search is a fixed-time period in which an individual is actively looking to obtain employment. To do this, the applicant identifies potential employment opportunities, applies for specific roles, and participates in application interviews. The most common reasons that people undertake a job search is due to unemployment, unsatisfaction with previous employment, or a desire for a better position.

Why is it So Difficult?

In September 2021, the US recorded a national unemployment rate of 4.8%. The UK sits at a similar figure of 4.6%. This means that there are multiple, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people applying for the same post. This makes it hard to find employment but easy for employers to find a qualified applicant for the post.

During the 1990s in the US, roughly 30-35% of the unemployed declared to find a job within a month, whereas nowadays, jobs take on average 5 months to find. Additionally, the longer an individual is unemployed, the harder it is to find a job. Those who are unemployed for a short amount of time (less than five weeks) are three times more likely to find a job within a month compared to those who have been unemployed for a year or more.

Another issue is that job posts are usually offered within a company before they are advertised elsewhere. Applicants from within the firm are thus more likely to be offered the position than external applicants.

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, international competition and offshoring is becoming increasingly popular. Companies are now able to decrease costs and increase their bottom line by offshoring jobs to third-world countries. Applicants from the company’s country of origin are therefore no longer needed for these roles.

Similarly, the increased employment of AI has already and will continue to eliminate jobs. For example, Amazon has already started to transform the warehouse industry, which employs more than 1.1 million Americans today. Amazon already has over 200,000 mobile robots working inside its warehouse network which has replaced thousands of jobs that were previously performed by humans.

What are the Strategies Which Can Help You in Your Job Aearch?

  1. Know your skills and strengths.

  2. Be proactive.

  3. Use tools that make your job search easier.

  4. Accept that rejection is part of the process.

  5. Use specific strategies such as the Ikigai Method

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