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Investment Banking

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a very specific type of banking that creates capital for businesses, governments and other entities. It endorses new debt and equity securities for every type of business, helps with sales of securities and aids businesses carry out mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks also give guidance on the issue and placement of stock to issuers.

What do Investment Bankers really do?

Investment bankers do many things, from front office to back office work to helping companies with mergers and acquisitions. Here is a brief breakdown of investment banking roles:

  • Raising capital and Security Underwriting – investment banks act as middlemen between businesses that want to issue new securities and the buying public. For example, if a company wanted to issue new bonds, they would hire the services of an investment bank, so that they can calculate the value and risk of the issuing of new bonds.

  • M&As – the advisory services provided by investment banks relates to several aspects of the sale and acquisition of businesses or assets such as negotiation, pricing, valuation etc.

  • Sales & Trading and Equity Research – the investment bank matches up buyers and sellers and uses their own account to buy and sell securities to carry out the trading of securities. This then creates a market for this security, thus providing liquidity and prices for investors.

  • Retail Brokerage and Commercial Banking – here, customers are individual investors rather than a larger corporate investor. Investment banks can offer the services of insurers, commercial banks and security brokerages.

  • Front Office and Back Office – investment banks can be separated into front, middle and back offices. Each of these sectors are very different from one another but still play a vital role in ensuring the bank runs smoothly.

What are the Models associated with Investment Banking?

Investment banking uses financial models to advise their clients. Financial modeling is the process whereby a real world financial situation is represented on a model. The model forecasts how much cash flow a project is expected to make.

The types of financial models are:

Furthermore, there are many other types of financial models such as the budget model and initial public offering model (IPO), but the four models stated are the most common.

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