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Tender Proposal

What is a Tender Proposal?

‘The term Tender Proposal is used in the procurement field to describe the response from potential suppliers to a request for proposal (RFP). There are three aspects to tender proposals: company overview, response to specifications, and pricing. Or rather, in simpler terms a tender proposal is an invitation for a bid or accepting a formal offer in relation to a company.

In short, a Tender Proposal is effectively a bid put out by a corporation, charity or public sector body to get a certain contract. It is an invitation sent out to another body to convince them that their company will be the best for the contract that they are attempting to win.

When writing a tender, it is important to keep in mind the acronym MEAT. This means the Most Economically Advantageous Tender. During the Tender process, the buyer will likely be looking for the cheapest bid, or the highest quality relative to price, and therefore it is necessary for you to offer the best value for money.

There are several main principles that must be upheld throughout the tender process.

These are: -No pre-judgement or discrimination is allowed within the process. Access should be non-discriminatory by nature and therefore anyone should be able to apply to compete for a tender regardless of race, gender, or economic background. -All goods should be mutually recognised. -Demands that suppliers have to respond to should be solely related to the contract. -All processes should be transparent. Therefore, it is necessary that all companies who are entering the Tender, should be evaluated and considered equally and given the same chance at winning, regardless of their relationship to the provider.

But how do companies go about a Tender proposal? What are the best practices and what is the basic outline of the proposal?

How does the Tender work and what is the overall process?

Within an Invitation to Tender, companies must explain how they plan to deliver the contract, their solutions to the problems provided, including technical aspects, pricing and persuasive elements as to why they should be awarded the contract. After the proposal companies will be shortlisted before the winner is finally selected by the body.

What are the steps in writing a Tender Proposal?

  1. Evaluate: is the process worth it or not?

A Tender Proposal is a process that is time consuming and expensive for a company to undergo, therefore it is necessary for them to first assess if it is worth spending the time and resources on such a process.

  1. Review and dissect information

After assessing whether it is worth undertaking the tender process, and then deciding that it is beneficial to take up the process, it is now necessary to review documents provided and dissect.

  1. Draw up a plan

Think about how you're going to pitch your proposal.

  1. Develop a business strategy

Put these ideas into a cohesive strategy that you feel as if could win the tender. Elaborate on your unique selling point.

  1. Proofing and reviewing

Make sure that there are no grammatical errors and review in collaboration with multiple members of the team ideally.

  1. Submitting the tender

Submit the tender and wait for a response.

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