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  • Jacek Polewski

    Jacek Polewski

    Financial and Data Modelling Consultant

    « I've been using Eloquens to increase my visibility. I believe that people coming to the platform look for specific solutions and being part of the approved choices offered has a positive impact on my credibility. It also enables me to validate my work by comparing it to works of others. It is a great place to share your ideas and get an exposure (with additional potential of generating some revenues). »

  • Lance Rubin

    Lance Rubin

    CEO & Founder of Model Citizn and professional financial modeler and trainer for FMI

    « Eloquens is solving a need that I had in terms of hosting my Excel models, which I didn't really want to host locally on my website, but rather link to another platform. The public exposure and support, including notifications when members download my models, is great feedback that I am actually helping a broader community understand and develop their modeling skills. »

  • Alexander Jarvis

    Alexander Jarvis

    Founder at Perfect Pitch Deck

    « Eloquens is a great idea to solve the problem so many people have with finding the tools they want! 75% of all startup is the same, so why Reinvent the Wheel when someone has done it already? I use Eloquens to share both my paid and free tools and extend what I do to help make life easier for more people. »

  • Ben Murray

    Ben Murray

    CFO passionate about financial visibility, SaaS Metrics, and SaaS economics.

    « Eloquens is a trusted marketplace to share quality content aligning with my mission to promote quality tools to the SaaS community with other SaaS experts. It provides another channel for me to help SaaS founders and startups. I love the real-time content stats and would recommend to other content and training publishers. »

  • Ivan Klykov

    Ivan Klykov

    Director (M&A Advisory) at SP Capital

    « I really do appreciate the work of Eloquens, you make financial modeling much easier, as a user is able to find almost all existing models on a one single web-site. As an author, I managed to meet excellent financial professionals and develop my professional network. I recommend Eloquens to those, who want to develop their skills in financial modeling and corporate finance. »

  • Asen Gyczew

    Asen Gyczew

    Expert in performance improvement and restructuring with significant experience

    « I am using Eloquens as a part of our content marketing strategy. While for disseminating presentations we use Slideshare, Eloquens is much better suited for business analysis and financial models. We also make a small income from some of our content. It is also a great library of similar products that we also use also to get inspired by other people’s work. I would definitely recommend Eloquens if you are trying to selling professional services and you enjoy content marketing. »

  • Mark Speck

    Mark Speck

    Managing Partner and CFO at Specktrum Inc

    « Eloquens is the single source to access a full range of professional business knowledge from alpha to omega. Need a specific report that rivals those of the big 4? Now you can easily find these valuable resources or even request something unique that one of the member experts can provide. Tired of reinventing that proverbial wheel? You will not only save time, but obtain access to a resource that will lead you to your goal. »

  • Amit Tandon

    Amit Tandon

    Excel & VBA, Promoter - GlobaliConnect

    « I use Eloquens to promote the visibility of my expertise by sharing some Excel Models. The Platform is a great place to generate some passive revenue through user contributions with many features to increase interactivity around content and generate user ratings. Besides, it's a pleasure to help so many people out in such a simple way! Recommend it. »

  • Adam Jernigan

    Adam Jernigan

    Founder & CEO - Financials OnTap

    « Eloquens enables me to gain positive exposure in the market across various industries and company lifecycle stages by allowing me to both showcase and share some of the Excel Financial Models I have developed through years of professional experience. »

  • Marty Zwiling

    Marty Zwiling

    Founder & CEO, Startup Professionals, Inc.

    « I find that Eloquens has really helped my visibility, and brought a whole new level of interest for my message and tools, without expensive advertising. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to reach a broader entrepreneur and small business community with advice, products or services. »

  • Ashish Mathur

    Ashish Mathur

    Founder, Excel Enthusiasts

    « Eloquens has provided me a fantastic platform to showcase the model which I have built using the Business Intelligence tools of MS Excel. It has provided me the scope to reach to an international audience. I would definitely recommend this platform to all others. »

  • Howard Evans

    Howard Evans

    AssetHouse Ltd. Private Wealth Management

    « What an unbelievable resource Eloquens is. The site is really good as a resource for entrepreneurs that don't have the access to a support network. I will certainly be recommending it. »

  • Antoine Duboscq

    Antoine Duboscq

    Development, Growth & Operational Strategy Consulting Firm

    « Our strategy consulting firm has gained and developed many models and methods over the last 15 years. Eloquens enabled us to share our strategy toolbox to any professionals willing to produce top-tier work. Thanks to a number of downloads, our visibility has improved! »

  • Christopher Pease

    Christopher Pease

    Experienced Life-Science Executive, Entrepreneur and Investor

    « The first experience was very good: going through the registration process and trying a free application turned out to be very rewarding. Everything went smoothly and I found just the slide I needed for an important investor meeting this week. How about that! »

  • François-Xavier Joncheray

    François-Xavier Joncheray

    Depositary Supervision for Private Equity chez Edmond de Rothschild

    « I needed models and templates to enrich a business plan and I raided Eloquens! I gained a huge amount of time. A very user-friendly interface. Top-tier templates and the site is clear and very functional. »

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