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  • Christopher Pease

    Christopher Pease

    « The first experience was very good: going through the registration process and trying a free application turned out to be very rewarding. Everything went smoothly and I found just the slide I needed for an important investor meeting this week. How about that! »

  • Lance Rubin

    Lance Rubin

    « Eloquens is solving a need that I had in terms of hosting my Excel models, which I didn't really want to host locally on my website, but rather link to another platform. The public exposure and support, including notifications when members download my models, is great feedback that I am actually helping a broader community understand and develop their modeling skills. »

  • Alexander Jarvis

    Alexander Jarvis

    « Eloquens is a great idea to solve the problem so many people have with finding the tools they want! 75% of all startup is the same, so why Reinvent the Wheel when someone has done it already? I use Eloquens to share both my paid and free tools and extend what I do to help make like easier to more people. »

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