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IT (Information Technology) Business

Information Technology

Information Technology Industry

• Computers and technology play a major role in the work place and are constantly changing. This is made more difficult by the fact that each individual company has different needs and requirements of its technology. The Information Technology (IT) Industry covers the use of computers, storage and the process of securing and exchanging electronic data. The term IT refers to the use of computer technology to manage information and is usually used when talking about enterprise operations. IT can refer to physical equipment like hardware, computer networking, data analysis, operating systems, and different applications to preform functions. The biggest problem that faces the Information Technology Industry is security. The sharing of private information over a network of people is common but there is always a risk with doing so.

• IT is a popular industry that continues to grow in these technologically advancing workplaces. The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that there will be a 15.4% growth rate in jobs in the information technology industry from 2014 to 2024. This will produce over three hundred thousand jobs in the USA.

• Information technology is important in business because it ensures that all the departments work well together. IT plays a major role in streamlining business processes and the automation of sensitive information. In management, it helps managers adapt to new technology and computer packages. Normally, managers must undergo training for information technology. In education, information technology has allowed students to reach information faster.

Some Information Technology Sectors:

• Database Management

• HER Implementation

• Data Exchange

• Information Management in an Electronic Environment

• Systems Development

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