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Exam Revision

Why is exam revision so important?

Throughout your time at school and university you will have to sit formal exams, and these are hugely important for your final results. Due to this it is important for students to have effective means of revising that produce the desired results. Everyone learns in different ways meaning there are no definitive rules you must follow to revise effectively. However, there are different types of useful advice you can take to work out the best way for method to work efficiently.

How can you revise effectively for exams?

Here are some useful tips you can use to work out the way of revising for exams which works best for you. This is by no means an exhaustive list but can be used to pick out the best places to start when it comes to tackling the amount of information you accumulate throughout the course of a university degree or school course.

Work out what you need to revise - Look over your syllabus and separate your work into different parts that need to be revised. Trying to approach one large mass of information is overwhelming and will leave you not knowing where to begin, whereas if you break down your work you can approach it bit by bit.

Find a revision method that suits you - There are many different ways of revising, like flashcards, mind maps, working with others or sitting past papers. Try to figure out early on which method suits you best and don’t forget that one way may work better for some people than others. It is important to try a variety of different revision methods to pinpoint which is the one for you.

Take breaks - Revising is exhausting work as your brain is constantly working. It is important to take regular breaks to let your brain have time to retain the information you are putting into it. If you notice yourself losing focus, take a break and do something completely different. Then when it comes to sitting back down to work you will feel refreshed and be more ready to take in more information.

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How can you revise effectively for exams?

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