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Corporate Communication

What is corporate communication?

Corporate communication encompass a broad field and it is hard to precisely define. The general concept can overlap into other specific areas, like marketing, but it in fact includes all of the communication that a company produces. These communications can be both internal and external, and typically consist of written word, spoken word and non-spoken communication. The aim of these different forms of corporate communication is to develop, cultivate and maintain a corporate identity or brand image.

You can learn more about what corporate communication are here.

What are the different areas of corporate communication?

Media and Public Relations-

  • Organizing news conferences, product launches, and interviews, and creating materials (banners, flyers, etc.) for such events

  • Writing and distributing press releases to the media to garner coverage

  • Monitoring the news for mentions of the organization, its product, and key employees such as stakeholders and members of management

  • Devising a plan to address unfavourable press coverage or misinformation

Customer Communications and Marketing-

  • Marketing emails

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Newsletters

  • Website copy

  • Social media strategy

Crisis Communication-

  • Organizing interviews and news briefings for company representatives to discuss the issue at hand

  • Advising company representatives on what to say and how to say it when speaking with members of the media

  • Communicating with attorneys, government regulators, emergency responders, and politicians as necessary

  • Generally protecting the organization’s reputation and ability to do business

Internal Communications-

  • Drafting emails and memos announcing company news and initiatives

  • Compiling employee resources (such as information about employee benefits)

  • Creating printed materials, such as employee handbooks or flyers

  • Facilitating group brainstorming sessions and training sessions amongst employees

  • Managing internal blogs, newsletters, or other publications

You can learn more about the different types of corporate communication here.

Why is corporate communication important?

There are many benefits to focusing on corporate communication, from medium to long-term. Companies can have their own identity in markets that can become crowded, which makes customers more loyal and have a more positive mindset when purchasing from or using the company. If the public view your company positively, your sales and customers are bound to increase. Furthermore, investors can stay more committed and shareholders remain confident in the future of the company.

Where can I find best practices on corporate communication?

For companies or entities looking to improve their corporate communication, the Eloquens catalogue has a variety of frameworks, videos and templates designed and built by professionals and experts. You can also build and self-publish your own on Eloquens directly.

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