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Problem Solving

What is Problem Solving?

Problem solving is the act of defining a problem, determining its cause, identifying options for a solution, and implementing one.

Strong problem-solving skills are essential, not only in everyday life and career development, but also in organizations. No matter the role, problems are the building blocks of every job and a fundamental part of the job is to find ways to solve them. Being confident in problem-solving is the key to success.

Problem-solving abilities are closely linked to a variety of other skills, such as:

-Analytical skills.

-Adaptability and flexibility.


-Innovative and creative thinking.

-Critical thinking.

-Teamworking .

-Influencing skills.

Key Steps in Problem Solving

So much of this confidence in problem solving is thanks to an effective process to approach problems.

Here are four simplified key steps in solving problems:

-Defining the problem.

-Generating alternatives.

-Evaluating and selecting alternatives.

-Implementing solutions.

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