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Growth Marketing

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is used to create a more engaged customer base by analysing the entire customer lifecycle and the application of the insights gained from the business as a whole. This differs from traditional marketing that only looks at the top of the funnel and from account marketing which focuses on key accounts.

In other words, growth marketing explores how a firm can continue to innovate in order to continuously provide the best possible experience. This will ultimately maximise not only customer acquisition, but critically customer retention and activation which promotes customer advocacy of your brand.

Examples of growth marketing practice:

Growth marketing practice can include:

-A/B testing

-Value-additive blog posts

-Data-driven email marketing campaigns

-SEO optimization

-Creative ad copy

-Technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience

These insights are rapidly implemented to ensure robust and sustainable growth. As you can see, growth marketing requires a data driven approach as the subtlest of changes can hugely affect a customer’s opinion or mindset towards a product or company.

One would only have to remember the social media storm that followed Instagram’s change of logo on May 11th, 2016. Growth marketing promotes the analysis of this kind of feedback to optimise customer experience.

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