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Training Excel

What is training?

Training, in business terms, is a learning and development process that all new employees of a company must go through to prepare themselves for the task at hand. Training is a broad term and can be conducted in many formats, including training specific skills that the individual might lack when starting a new position, or if they are well versed within the career path, this function might take the format of more company and job specific training, where the employee will learn things such as understanding the company database.

As a lot of training now involves understanding the specific technology that the company uses, as the more the world progresses in terms of technology, the more we will rely on training - and therefore it is becoming such an important area for companies to focus on.

Training is a job that is most likely conducted by hr teams within a company.

What does a good training program involve?

  • The first aspect is that the training program should be relevant to the employee and should be at the right level, serving to expand on their knowledge and skills.

  • Secondly, training should aim to align the new employee with the goals of the organization. To establish a successful training program, focus on company goals, and then derive what the employee needs to learn to help obtain these.

  • The program should also be goal oriented, meaning that the employee should get specific knowledge out of the program, and it should be assessed to abide by KPIs.

  • Training should be creative and made to engage the new employee. The employer should think about different ways in which they can truly engage the employee and so they can get the most out of the process.

  • To achieve the full impact that the employee should gain from their training process, it is necessary that the company should follow up with the employee after their training to undertake gradual ‘post training’ practices.

What are the various types of training?

  • In the most traditional sense, training is completed face to face with an employee who trains the new employee directly.

  • In addition to this method however, many companies have created a video training program where new employees partake in a video course as an element of their training. This method can be beneficial as more time can be taken to perfect the course so that all the relevant information is included.

  • Furthermore, many companies opt for ‘on the job’ training where training takes place over time rather than in one attempt.

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