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Lead Generation

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a term used in marketing, referring to the process of identifying and attracting potential customers or clients for products or services. Lead generation aims to initiate interest from customers in these products, and help businesses to find new customers, who could represent business for the company.

How can leads be generated?

Leads can be found and generated in various different sources. A common source of lead generation is the internet, which can be used in many different ways in order to generate leads. For example, social media is a common source of generating leads. The growth of social networking sites has allowed the internet to be manipulated so that it can provide businesses and organizations with potential leads. Many companies have an active presence on social media streams such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and use these channels as a means of sourcing leads.

Leads are also often generated through online advertising, with three main pricing models offering online advertising. These are:

Cost per thousand: This charges the advertisers for the number of impressions a certain advert may have. However, there are problems with this method, as advertisers have to pay even if the target audience does not click on the advert or even see the advert.

Cost per click: In this instance, advertisers are charged every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

Cost per acquisition: In this pricing model, the advertiser pays for a pre-specified acquisition, whether it be a sale or a click.

These three methods of online advertising can be used as lead generators, allowing businesses to reach their target audience and build leads.

Leads can also be generated through more traditional means, such as phone calls, events and personal referrals. However, as per a 2015 study, email was found to be the most commonly used means of generating leads.

What happens next?

Lead generation is frequently linked with “lead management”. This link helps to move links from the generation stage, through to the conversion stage. Once leads are generated, they are often allocated to a salesperson, who will evaluate whether the lead represents potential business, and try to convert this.

For an introductory guide to Lead Generation by Salesforce, click here.

Or alternatively, to find out how Lead Generation has changed post-pandemic according to the Harvard Business Review, click here.

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