Financial Modeling World Cup Best Practices

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What is the Financial Modeling World Cup?

The Financial Modeling World Cup (“FMWC”) is an annual competition created by two of our very own Authors Andrew Grigolyunovich and Maksims Sics. It is dedicated to financial modeling with a view of promoting healthy competition and education. It challenges the participants through a set of different questions and real-life cases. Financial Modeling World Cup is open to people of all ages, genders, races or any other factor. All participants are assigned to one of three age groups: U-25, Open and Masters. However, anyone can become the overall winner of the competition.

Here you can find sample cases, stage tasks and methodologies to help get yourself familiar with the FMWC exam process.

Financial Modeling World Cup offers:

-Flexible testing times – Friday to Monday, any time that suits you

-Transparent ratings – everyone can see earned place in the overall ratings

-Different age groups – Juniors (U-25), Open and Masters (40+)

-Regional and national competitions – become the National Champion of your country even if you don’t win the World Cup.

-Advance your financial modeling skills – solution models will be provided.

-The prize fund of $10,000 (Season Fall 2020) and $20,000 (Season 2021) to be split among various categories – overall, age group winners, regional champions.

-Time-stressed training opportunities for the AFM and the CFM exams – the chairman of FMWC Organizing Committee, Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA, CFM, FMVA, is also one of the exam content creators for Financial Modeling Institute

-An improved approach to question design. We always keep the competition fresh and interesting

Why should you take part in the Financial Modeling World Cup?

The World Cup has 3 key goals:

-Learn. Improve your financial modeling skills., learn M&A, Valuations, Corporate Finance and other aspects of financial modeling.

-Train. Provide training exercises to prepare for AFM, CFM or other exams under time-pressure!

-Compete. With transparent World Rankings for various age groups and regions, become the World #1 financial modeller or a National Champion of your country! - Challenge yourself and compete for a prize fund of $10,000 at the end of 2020!

Want to learn more?

Financial Modeling World Cup Website

Financial Modeling World Cup FAQ

Financial Modeling World Cup Rules

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