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Electrical Engineering

What is electrical engineering?

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that studies the use of electricity, electronic and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering is one of the newest branches of engineering, and ranges from microscopic electronic devices right up to huge power systems and generators. Electrical engineering is often broken down into a number of different subdisciplines:

    • Power Engineering: This discipline of electrical engineering focuses on how electricity is designed, circulated and controlled.
  • Signal Processing: This is a field that is dedicated to the detection and modification of different signals. As such, this field is often centred around electrical products that rely on receiving signals such as telecoms, television manufacturing etc.

  • Computer Engineering: Computer engineers work with the electronics of computer systems in terms of both hardware and software.

  • Telecommunications Engineering: This area of electrical engineering is based on the transmission of data from source to recipient. Telecoms engineers work to design and make transmission systems more efficient.

  • Electronics Engineering: This area focuses on the designing and enhancing of microelectronics such as circuit boards and nano-level electronincs.

Development of electrical engineering##

Electrical engineering was first identifiable towards the end of the 19th century following the invention of things like the electric telegraph and telephone. With the growing prominence of such inventions and the increasing distribution of electricity, electrical engineering was becoming more and more commonplace. Today, electrical engineering is a part of day-to-day life with new broadcasting and recording technologies. The conception of the transitor and then the integrated circuit played a huge role in making electrical engineering a part of daily life. These two inventions meant that the price of electronics dropped to the extent that they became usable in most household objects. As such, today we are surrounded by electrical engineering and the work of electrical engineers.

The future of electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is an ever growing field, with more and more new developments in emerging technologies each year. With the growth of robotics and electric powered vehicles, the scope for electrical engineering is huge. Employment in electrical engineering is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years alongside these new technologies, as electrical engineering becomes more and more commonplace in day to day life.

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