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Social Media Description

Social Media is term used to describe online sites that foster online communities of users who among each other, collaborate, share, and communicate using the software provided by the platform. Social media is increasingly used by businesses for a variety of activities:

Social Media Marketing

This is the use of social media platforms to advertise or promote your business’ product or service. This can be done through:

Online advertisements that you pay the website to make appear on user’s screens The use of bloggers who can be paid to promote your business to their followers Setting up a profile specifically for your business to advertise to your own following Using your social media profile to hold competitions for customers or potential customers

Social Media Analytics

These are used by businesses for data collection and analytics to make business decisions. Typically analysed via social media:

Customer engagement

  • ->Twitter followers/mentions/retweets
  • ->Facebook followers/likes/shares/reviews
  • ->Youtube channel/subscribers/views
  • ->LinkedIn/following
  • ->Instagram/followers/likes/comments

All of these interactions on each platform can be analysed in order to tell companies how people react to their products/advertisements/posts.

Social Media Optimization

This is a strategy for drawing new traffic to your social media sites. This can be done by sharing links throughout the web or by keeping activity constant on your social media profiles.

Currently, the most popular social media sites are:

->Facebook ->Twitter ->Snapchat ->Instagram ->Pinterest ->LinkedIn

We have gathered practical tools and methods to aid in building your social media strategy. If you’d like to read more about this topic, follow these links:

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