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What do we mean by the startup lifestyle?

A lot of entrepreneurs will tell you that they are sick of hearing, “You work for yourself, that must be nice,” or “I’m so jealous, you can take as many holidays as you want!”

The glamorization of entrepreneurship in the media has made the lifestyle of an entrepreneur appear like an easy ride; business lunches, expensive laptops, luxurious business trips. Many success stories that you see online make startup success look like it happened overnight.

What we don’t often see in the media is the daily grind, the determination, the loss of self-esteem, the long hours, and the huge amount of work it takes- a lot of the time only to result in failure. Many say that entrepreneurship is not a career path, but a lifestyle, as it quickly becomes a part of your personal life as well as your professional.

It can be so hard to be an entrepreneur, that we felt the need to provide these tools and ‘how-to’ guides to help. We know that the startup lifestyle can be anything but what it is portrayed to be. This category covers the professional and the personal of an entrepreneur. It’s all too common that entrepreneurs forget about looking after themselves because they are too focused on looking after their businesses. Let this category be a reminder that without you there is no business, and so your mental and physical health should come first. As well as this, we have included some tools that will help you with the business side of things, from conquering leadership to choosing advisors.

With all this said, there is no single way of doing things, and a most things are easier said than done when it comes to lifestyle choices. Every entrepreneur is different and handles things in different ways. What works for one entrepreneur may not work for another, but it’s still useful to know how other entrepreneurs cope, if at least for some inspiration!

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