Daphnée LucenetDaphnée Lucenet
CEO and Founder at My MVP and Me
Daphnée Lucenet, CEO and Founder at My MVP and Me
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Daphnée Lucenet

CEO and Founder at My MVP and Me

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After experiences in Banking and Consulting, I moved back to technology and operations, focusing on the high level design of hardware and software products and on company expansion strategy for BtoB markets.I spent nearly two years developping and establishing a French tech company in the Silicon Valley (spent 1.5 years there). I am striving for challenges to solve in the startup environment, particularly in the tech for sustainability field. I help startups all around the world, from USA, Latin America, Asia to France. I support companies in their expansion plans to USA and Europe.Finally, I genuinely like to meet and connect with people that could need each other and create value with one another.Grab a coffee and share your experience with me! (I share my time between Paris, San Francisco and Cambodia.)


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