Financial Projections Model for Business Plans

A financial model for projecting financial results for a 5 year period. Co-authored by Frank Moyes

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This financial model is designed to enable entrepreneurs and students project the financial results of their ventures for a five-year period. As with all models there are certain simplifying assumptions that have been made. Each of the assumption spreadsheets has an accompanying Comments box (denoted by a cell with small red triangle in the upper right corner) that provides suggestions on how to complete the spreadsheet and the underlying assumptions to the model.

This business tool includes
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There are 7 principal spreadsheet outputs of this model:
INCOME: Income Statement
BALANCE: Balance Sheet
CASHFLOW: Cash Flow Statement
BREAKEVEN: Break-even analysis
SUMMARY: Analysis of key measures
INCOME-MOS: Income Statements by months for Years 1 to 5
CASHFLOW-MOS: Cash flow Statements by months for Years 1 and 2, and
by quarters for Years 3 to 5
VAL-1 & VAL-2: Venture capital method for valuing companies


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