All in One Private Equity Model

Used by Investment Professionals at Private Equity and IB Firms

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-> Run Advanced Leveraged Buyout Scenarios with Pro Forma Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
-> Estimate the High Yield Capacity your firm can carry
-> Run Additional Economic Value Add (EVA) analysis, made popular by McKinsey and Company
-> Run 5 and 10 Year Discounted Cash Flow Analysis on Separate Sheets
-> Run Premium Analysis Run Comparable Analysis
Compatible with Excel 2016
Much much more…

This business tool includes
1 Excel File (25 tabs)

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What is an Integrated Financial Model?

An Integrated Financial Model outputs a ten year P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecast for a business. It takes into account growth and cost assumptions, working capital requirements and a firm’s capital structure in its analysis.

Private Equity and Investment Bankers do not build separate financial models for each deal. They rely on excel templates such as this one to run complex valuations, discounted cash flows and leveraged buyout scenarios that can be edited on the fly.

Professionally formatted to easily cut and paste key analysis into pitch books and presentation decks

DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)
LBO (Leveraged Buyout)

Knowledge of excel and valuation is helpful.


  • WMI Consulting(last updated: 07/11/2016 16:00)
    The Most Complete & Easy-to-use
    Great work John, thanks for sharing! Financial models are really at the heart of M&A deals we run across here at our consultancy in Paris. Having this tool just makes it considerably faster and easier to run scenarios with our clients. Above all, it is professionally organized and formated, making it easy for us to insert each section in our deliverables. Wholeheartedly recommend it to all PE pros!

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