LBO Model - Company Valuation Tool

An LBO Model to learn how to Value all types of Businesses Like a Private Equity Professional

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A relatively straightforward LBO (Leverage Buyout) Model which will enable you to understand how professionals value a business.

1/ Acquire a Key Financial Tool LBO Model available for usage in your personal library of analytical tools
2/ Have a greater understanding of how a professional investor would read your business (professional hedge fund manager or private equity investor)
3/ Gain insight into how your own business works and how you could increase its value (through key value drivers)

- The Valuation LBO Model is Excel based and does not need any special software.
- The associated video will help you to master the model, step-by-step.
- The Model was built to be used even by newcomers to the world of finance and accounting.

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model, 1 Step-by-Step Explanatory Video

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