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Andrea Mason, Healthcare Executive: Founder, Technology Strategist and Innovator

Healthcare Executive: Founder, Technology Strategist and Innovator

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“I embed conversations into devices”Healthcare Executive: Founder, Technology Strategist, and Service InnovatorI have always considered myself at the intersection of healthcare trends, consumer trends and digital trends and I have dedicated my life to the creation of new health, healthcare and lifestyle services. I think these are very exciting times where the cumulative effect of old and new technologies can allow a truly personalized medicine and lifestyle programs. With analytics, you create a customer experience that goes beyond the sensor that helps to re-orient healthcare and wellness organizations around the patient/customer. Technology can help to connect the various data points or activities that are separated in the healthcare delivery and lifestyle management processes. For example to connect the prescription of a medicine with when it has been taken. I consider myself fortunate to have spent many years working within a big hospital and research institution in Milan and having the possibility to experience the needs and to learn to be an innovator. One of the major challenges in working with providers, PCPs, healthcare organizations and wellness is to introduce a shift in concept and language regarding the usage of digital health that is to move from buying technology to buying a service, from buying kit/units to buying monitoring days, from selecting technology in defining your service requirements.Patient/consumer-generated data cannot be data points only to be collected, visualized but they need to convey a sense of ‘discovery’ to the person, much like a pin in a new map. They need to be part of a conversation based on a new grammar yet to be established. This is the way for the data to become really personal and really authoritative for the clinical settings instead of interfere with providers and to deliver quality care.Specialties: Personal Health System, Disease Management, Medical Device Connectivity, Telecare, Telehealth, Lifestyle and Well-Being Services, Location Based Services, Service Design, Design Thinking, Market Intelligence, Business Development, Business Model Innovation, Strategy and Planning, Innovation Portfolio Management, Identify Marketplace & Lifestyle Trends, Critical Analysis of Opportunity Spaces, Competitive Activity and New Product Project Metrics. Strategic Management.

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