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Mark E. Johnson, I Help Wholesalers & Sales Leaders Build Customer-Focused Sales Engines | Sales Performace Coach | Consultant

I Help Wholesalers & Sales Leaders Build Customer-Focused Sales Engines | Sales Performace Coach | Consultant

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☞ WHAT I DO: I help sales organizations and high achievers and accelerate their sales growth.☞ WHO I WORK WITH? Senior executives typically engage me when they’re…☞ Looking to increase the effectiveness of their sales organizations.☞ Unsatisfied with current sales results.☞ Unable to accurately diagnose the root cause of underperformance.☞ Frustrated because their sales team has been commoditized in the marketplace.☞ Struggling with making the shift from leading with product to leading with insights.☞ Under pressure to build the Ultimate Modern Day Sales Machine.☞ WHY IT WORKS: Over 25 years of high-level sales performance has been curated into a collection of industrial strength insights that are utilized to craft sales acceleration strategies to ensure my clients achieve their sales targets- EVERY TIME.☞ WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? I’m a strategic thinker that has harnessed algorithms, big data and AI to develop a proprietary algorithm that provides an accurate diagnosis of the overall effectiveness of your sales team. ☞ HOW WE DO IT: Once an accurate diagnosis is in place, a prescriptive course of action is recommended and accompanied by an implementation timeline that aligns with your objectives. ☞ WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?: Let’s chat about what’s keeping you up at night. The first hour is on me and that'll give me a good handle on whether or not I’m the best fit for your situation. If not, I’ll refer you any one of several highly skilled consultants in my network.☞ READY TO CHAT? Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, drop me a line at or call me directly at (608) 320-5848.Specialties: | Sales Expert | Business Strategy | Strategic Planning | Business Coach | Consultant | | Sales Process | Leadership | Sales Force Turnarounds | Sales Training | Speaker

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