How to Publish your Tool on Eloquens!

The Step by Step procedure on how to post and share your tool on the platform.

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Interested in posting and sharing a tool ( ) on the Eloquens platform? 

The easy step by step procedure below, is just for you!

Each step provides you with a screenshot and short description of each step so that you can guide yourself through the process.

  • Step n°1 |

    Log on to Eloquens

    If you do no have an account yet: Click the "Publish a Tool" button on the Eloquens Home Page or in The Top Bar. The directions given will allow you to activate an account, and then log into your Eloquens's account.

    lightbulb_outlineIf you already have a user account: Log in, and hover over to your picture on the top right corner. Choose the selection that says "Publish a tool".

    How to Publish your Tool on Eloquens! image
  • Step n°2 |

    Choose a Type of Tool

    On Eloquens you can publish three different types of tools:

    - Downloadable Tools. Eg:
    How To Methodologies. Eg:
    E-Books and PDF Readings. Eg:

    thumb_upThink about your audience.
    1/ How would they be using your tool?
    2/ What is the most approriate format?

    lightbulb_outline Remember, you can always add a video methodology and a step by step methodology to a downloadable tool.

    How to Publish your Tool on Eloquens! image
  • Step n°3 |

    Tool page

    Add a title to your tool. 

    Think about keywords that people usually use so your tool can be more visible when searched on Google (SEO)! 

    Also, make it snappy!

    lightbulb_outline You can also decide to simply upload an application or an improved version of an existing tool - a great way to make the global level of knowledge on the platform increase and reap the benefits from pre-existing work.

    How to Publish your Tool on Eloquens! image

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