SaaS/Subscription Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 27/04/2019 12:52
Last version published: 14/08/2019 08:13
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SaaS/Subscription Financial Excel Model

Robust financial model/budget for any SaaS or subscription business

This tool is the result of building the financial systems at my startup while teaching new hires about modeling and finance/accounting concepts. It is designed to be a flexible model with budgets to run a new or scaling company while having an easy to follow logic flow. The built in learning resources are extremely useful for people who are new to finance as well as those that just need a refresher.

Whether you are bootstrapped or venture backed using a robust financial model is extremely important and often forgotten about part of entrepreneurship. Having something to show investors/board members/management is invaluable when aligning people behind a company vision.

This tool includes:
1) 5 year financial model (Necessary for raising money)
2) Departmental monthly budgets (All controlled by a few variables)
3) Easy to tweak variables for sensitivity analysis
4) Built in Links to a knowledge base of Finance/Accounting concepts to help you develop your skills.
5) Simple to use DCF analysis
6) Monthly, Quarterly, Annual financial statements
7) Customizable charts to make sharing high level business data simple
8) Hiring and headcount goals by department

Although it may look like a lot of tabs most of them are department budgets and are designed to keep expenses in the correct place to make the model much easier to maintain and share with department heads.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Workbook

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To help business people by creating flexible, shareable financial model that teaches them as they use it

A SaaS or subscription based company.

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