SAAS Financial Tracking Model
Originally published: 01/03/2021 09:41
Publication number: ELQ-71410-1
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SAAS Financial Tracking Model

SaaS FModel

This model is a template built based on past works for SaaS businesses. It will help you track the generic metrics (client retention, conversion rate, projected vs actual income, sales performance). You can easily modify and adapt the model to your business.
The model is composed of 6 tabs :
InpC - Constant Input which includes the timing and naming assumptions (you can modify the timeframe here, the name of the products, the name of the salesperson). The model is built for 4 salespeople but you can easily modify it.
InpS - Help you keep track of your revenue and cost profile. Client revenue is on monthly basis and you can have unlimited client revenue profiles (as long as you copy-paste the template between grey lines this will be automatically updated in the model).
Clients - help you see your evolution in terms of clients, you can see here if a client comes or comes out). For example, Client 1 comes the first period and leave three months after you write the name of the client as well as the number to codify your situation 1 new client, 2 here on the portfolio, 3 out of the portfolio so 1 2 2 3 in terms of months).
Time is updated automatically based on your assumption in InpC
Results and Dashboard are output tabs to give you the metrics as well as some charts.

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Track your SaaS performance
Help you make better decisions

Track your SAS performance from 1 to 4 salespeople and unlimited clients.

This model can be used for a team of more than 4 salespeople but you need to understand how the model works.



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