The Art of the Start
Originally published: 25/02/2020 15:44
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The Art of the Start

Discover the simple but critical steps to quickly and effectively jump-start your company.

How can you turn your idea into reality? There are a number of simple yet effective steps that will allow you to take the plunge and jump-start your company.

To innovate a great idea, you need to make meaning.

The companies that are most successful are the ones that have meaning. Their sole purpose is not to make money but to improve life.

Create a mantra, that summarises the essence of your company, not a mission statement. Your mantra needs to show your employees what you stand for.

Get going, get out there. Think different and polarise people. You will create mediocrity if you try to please every target market.

Define a business model, keeping a number of key points in mind and as well as defining the key elements of your idea, namely: milestones, assumptions and tasks.

Find a niche and create a valuable concept.

Keep it short and sweet. If you are pitching your idea, do not go overboard with your presentation.

Be aware that experience is not the be all and end all, hire people who are passionate about your idea.

Download our PowerPoint slides outlining these key concepts, along with the video of Guy Kawasaki presenting The Art of the Start at TiECon 2006.

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