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Ever-so-useful Excel Inflation Calculator covering 50 countries. FULLY EDITABLE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS. A protected version also included for your convenience.

This enhanced and updated version of the model includes two calculators:• year-on-year inflation calculator• flat rate inflation calculatorThe first one calculates the equivalent value of a specified amount in any year going back to 1960 (or earliest available date), based on the average annual CPI (Consumer Price Index) for the selected Country and the selected period.Additionally, through the drop-down window, you can visualize either the average inflation rate or the cumulative inflation for the selected period. Moreover, the historical inflation rate for the desired period is provided in chart form.The second one calculates future or backward inflation, based on the specified inflation rate for the selected period and amount. By default, the model selects the average inflation rate of the past 20 years, but it can be changed as needed.Update of the inflation rates for future periods can be done through the ‘Master’ sheet, with the model allowing look-back for a maximum of 63 years (due to Excel formula constraints). This means that up to 2023 you’ll be able to visualize from 1960 to 2023, in 2024 from 1961 to 2024 and so on.The 50 Countries covered include:• Australia• Austria• Belgium• Brazil• Canada• Chile• China• Cyprus• Czech Republic• Denmark• Egypt• Estonia• Finland• France• Germany• Great Britain• Greece• Hungary• Iceland• India• Indonesia• Ireland• Israel• Italy• Japan• Latvia• Lithuania• Luxembourg• Malaysia• Mexico• The Netherlands• New Zealand• Norway• Pakistan• Poland• Portugal• Russia• Saudi Arabia• Singapore• Slovakia• Slovenia• South Africa• South Korea• Spain• Sweden• Switzerland• Thailand• Turkey• United Arab Emirates• United States

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