Cohort Analysis in 3 minutes: an Excel example

A simple step-by-step explanation of how to do cohort analysis.


A while ago, I tried to do a cohort analysis for an e-commerce site. As a beginner to cohort analysis and having searched through various explanations on the net, I still found it to be quite complicated.

For that reason, I have designed this 3 minutes Cohort Analysis example so that people can have a starting point to doing cohort analysis on Excel.

All that is needed in this example is a few excel functions that I will guide you as you use them.

You can download the Excel template, where each worksheet is a step. Additionally to that, you can find the step by step procedure on how to do the analysis on the online methodology below.

Feel free to copy and use it & share with your team!

- Daisy Deng

This business tool includes
1 Excel sheet, 1 methodology

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