“A Day in an Analyst’s Life” – University Championship (Spring 2022)
Originally published: 23/05/2022 15:16
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“A Day in an Analyst’s Life” – University Championship (Spring 2022)

This is a real-life example of an FMUC competition case.

Financial Modeling University Championship is a great place to learn financial modeling, compete for a prize fund and get recognized for your finance skills! Students from all over the world come together to showcase their skills and become the best among their peers. The competition was jointly organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup and Eller College of Management. This and all future competitions are open to any student regardless of age, gender, race, place of living or any other limiting factor. The finals of the Spring 2022 competition were live-streamed on the Financial Modeling World Cup YouTube channel.

This case was premiered during the Financial Modeling University Championship Finals. This case is designed to be solved in 30 minutes. All Excel enthusiasts are welcome to try their hand at solving it. Case description video: https://youtu.be/CAFd4cWkT7U

When downloading this case, you will receive an Excel file that includes the case itself, as well as a separate sheet with correct answers. Take note that there are many approaches to solving the case.

Please keep in mind that the case does not contain the solution - just the correct answers.

You can also buy tickets to participate in the future FMWC Stages at https://www.fmworldcup.com/product-category/regular-competition/

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1 file that contains the task and correct answers

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