Amir GanicAmir Ganic
Manager and Owner at Agency AG Fin Co
Amir Ganic, Manager and Owner at Agency AG Fin Co
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Amir Ganic

Manager and Owner at Agency AG Fin Co

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Key qualifications and skills:Bachelor od Economic and Comercial ScienceCertified Accountant Certified at Volsbank Academy Certified VBI Corporate Sales Account managerOther skills:Financial modeling ,risk assessment of Biomass ,pyrolysis and combustion projects financial analysis, ;Skilled in Complex analysis of renewable energy projects used in industry and residential heating sectors.Energy management, Energy efficiency, Energy audits;Feasibility studies, Cost benefits analysis; Investment cost analysisThe creation of financial models for analysis in the excel programComputing skills: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Windows, management software for banking, RETScreen Analysis SoftwareExperience in selling life and non-life insurance policies

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