Daniel NielsenDaniel Nielsen
Founder and CEO of MMTUTS
Daniel Nielsen, Founder and CEO of MMTUTS
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Daniel Nielsen

Founder and CEO of MMTUTS

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Daniel Nielsen is an expert in computer programming and multimedia skills from Denmark. He has a Bachelors Degree in Web Development and Multimedia Design and offers online courses to people who want to enhance their web development skills. He uses his YouTube channel as a platform to share his expertise in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP.


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  • Daniel Nielsen
    I'm the actual Daniel Nielsen, founder of mmtuts. I found this site by Googling my channel name, and I just want to point out that I'm not the one people get in touch with here in the chat :) And I just want to point out that I'm okay with my videos on here as long as the videos are embedded and not reuploaded.
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    • Jim Alexander
      Daniel, does this mean that you did not get my post from the top of this page?
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