Originally published: 09/03/2018 12:08
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How To Include JavaScript On A Website

Short introduction to JavaScript and how it can be used in web development

In this video you will learn the various places that you can use JavaScript coding. This will help you to establish how you want to use JavaScript code in order to suit your goals.

First of all, Daniel demonstrates how you can use JavaScript in head tags within HTML files.This will show you how to insert JavaScript code into HTML head tags. This tutorial will help you establish the key rules to follow when inputting JavaScript code into HTML files.

As such, this video will help you get into good habits and help you to avoid common mistakes. This will also explain some key functions when inputting JavaScript into HTML, such as how to include different functions and alerts. Daniel then simply explains how this code can be used and inputted into the main body of your website.

Daniel allows shows you how your JavaScript code should be ordered in order to ensure that the code functions as you want it to.

This tool will help you get to grips with the essential basics of JavaScript coding in HTML files and how to use your code to meet your needs. This will give you several basic, fundamental rules and pieces of advice to follow to simplify your use of JavaScript. This will show you how to create a new document and easily write simple JavaScript code.

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