Tim Hagen, Creator of the Progress Coaching Training System & Coaching Strategist

Creator of the Progress Coaching Training System & Coaching Strategist

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We help managers become coaches. We help organizations develop coaching infrastructures that drive talent development, retention, and the ability to recruit. We have been teaching coaching for 18+ years and deliver a very innovative approach to teaching managers how to coach their employees. Our premise is simple. If managers do not coach their employees or support training employee development will not improve as much as it could. Our flagship program is progress coaching where we teach managers 14 different ways to coach, how to have a coaching conversation in less than 8 to 12 minutes that is effective and successful, and a whole battery of questions that facilitate employee development.Progress coaching is an innovative firm that has pioneered the coaching movement long before it was popular. Here are the two main platforms in which we operate:1. Progress Coaching System™ - most coaching programs teach this fluffy frivolous stuff about relationships and getting to know your employees. All be it it’s important, but managers need more. Progress Coaching System™ teaches managers five main types of coaching, four different learning requirements to know when coaching, and specific situational techniques to handle.2. Get Your Pulse ™ – Get your pulse is an assessment platform that measures organizations and its employees coach ability and approachability. This is not your standard assessment tool rather one that can take the results and automate the training and mentoring based on each employee specific results.Specialties: The problem with training today is how does an organization and its people transfer the knowledge to actual results? Sales Progress has created approaches to solve this major issue. We just simply develop methods to integrate training into organization’s real world without disrupting their work. The best part is we can quantify actual client results down to specific employees and customers!
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