Coaching Great Teamwork
Originally published: 25/07/2018 08:20
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Coaching Great Teamwork

This short course will give you proven questions and action steps to help coach your employees to be better teammates.

Progress Coaching: Creating Better Workplace Cultures One Coaching Conversation at a Time.

Go beyond the training to sustain a positive coaching culture. Progress Coaching has been a pioneer and innovator in the coaching industry long before coaching was fashionable or as accepted as it is today. Progress Coaching teaches managers specific strategies to develop their employees beyond traditional training methods, coaching them to develop talent internally to foster a positive coaching culture. We’ve figured out that three steps help create a positive coaching culture: training, support, and application. Training is the knowledge. Support is tailored feedback from our coaching experts to help you transition into a successful coach. Application is the in-depth, tailored tools that help you apply theoretical learning simulations to real-world situations.

Tool Description

This is an application focused tool that contains a detailed video and Coaching Map PDF that take a deep dive into what makes a great teammate and how to coach great teamwork in your employees. Tim Hagen, our Chief Coaching Officer, uses his 20+ of coaching experience to dissect real-world situations and how coaching can be the solution. This tool gives you proven applications, questions, and activities tailored to different situations that will help you coach your employees to be better teammates.

This Best Practice includes
1 Coaching Map PDF, 1 Explanation Video

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