Porfolio Presentation Summary

Give a quick overview of your portfolio of companies/investments in a slide

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Use a visual slide representation to present and compare your companies in your portfolio. Identify your key indicators for each company, describe in brief what each company's purpose and mission is, and at what stage of development it is at.

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1 PowerPoint Model Slide, 1 Online Methodology

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Show in one slide, that you have a varied set of companies in your portfolio, at different development stages and that you are tracking them on their key performance indicators.

Use in:

• Strategic plans
• Market studies
• Corporate presentations
• Target Screening presentations
• Investor presentations

Main sources:
• Company documents, communication elements and description (web sites, annual presentations,
• Your own knowledge of the businesses and their market

• You want to give a visual and quick overview of the companies you have in your portfolio
• You want to have a quick overview of the companies you wish to acquire
• You want to give a quick overview of the companies in your Group
• You want to highlight 4 to 5 key indicators per company that are relevant to their future growth and identity
• You want to give a short and impactful description of each of your companies, which you can re-use as 30s pitches later
• You want to show at which development phase each of your companies is at
• You want a clear and inspiring layout with no superfluous information

• You have more than 4 companies to present in your portfolio
• You want to give greater detail for every single company in your portfolio
• You want to give numerical and financial overview of each of the companies in your portfolio
• You want to compare your companies to one another through specific metrics


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