Simplified Monthly vs Annual Pricing Effects on Cash Flow

What is better for you in your SaaS Business, monthly or annual payment options?

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This simple 12 month SaaS Financial model enables you to understand and observe the discrepancies in your company's Cash position if you decide to go ahead for a monthly or annual payment option, or simply a mix of both.

The excel files includes:

- a simplified assumption section
- a 12 month cash projection with monthly billing
- a 12 month cash projection with annual billing
- a 12 month cash projection with a mix of monthly and annual billing
- an analysis of the 3 options
- potential caveats and options to expand and adapt the model to fit your startup

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to model your business (or idea).

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Best of luck.

- The Pinnacle Analysis Team

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model

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